ZUT presenting SAFE research

The Polish national conference Future of Aquaculture was held in Karpacz between 10-12 May 2023. The conference brings together scientists, fish producers, processors, and experts in the field of aquaculture to discuss innovative technologies, solutions and ideas for a more sustainable aquaculture in 5 thematic panels. At the fourth edition of conference, consortium members from ZUT was presenting SAFE ambitions and results. Prof. Remigiusz Panicz was presenting SAFE solutions for management of side-streams in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) farming  in Panel 1: Current state and future of aquaculture and Dr Piotr Eljasik was showing how SAFE research will boost immunity of common carp juveniles through innovative feeds, and how it may affect the microbiome of water and the fish gut  in Panel 2: Fish nutrition.

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